Sending your elders to an aged care home will ensure better wellbeing for your loved ones. A time will come when the household becomes busier resulting in less time to monitor the old persons in the house. Not taking an action might just worsen the situation. So, finding the most suitable aged care home has to be done.

What is Aged Care Services?

Aged care services are safe places designed for the elders or those who cannot live independently. It employs professionals to deal with the seniors’ needs. They can provide both basic and special needs, and even guarantee full support for the old ones.

Its staff can be trusted in taking care of individuals and making them happy, regardless of the situation. The rest of the household can live in peace knowing their loved ones are safe and healthy.

Aged care services are also funded by the government to provide great facilities for the seniors. That is why seniors can still enjoy lots of activities like gardening, reading, and simply walking within the location. It is never too late for old individuals to make new friends and discover hobbies while in the aged care home.


How do aged care homes operate?

Aged care homes are mostly staying indoors with nurses always ready to assist elders. The operation differs depending on the type of aged care, to be mentioned later. One thing for sure, there will be visiting hours to see your loved ones any time. Keeping in touch with the rest of the family members is believed to be therapeutic for seniors. The rest is well-managed by the administration, such as quality care.

Different Types of Aged Care

The first three types of aged care are all government-funded, which is not for everyone. Those who are not eligible can go to a privately-funded aged care home. Below is a brief explanation to better understand each type.

In-Home Aged Care

In-home aged care will allow elders to stay independent on their own roof, but with additional assistance. The service providers will take care of their personal needs as well as transportation needs.

For entry-level support, the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) will do things for you. The level of support will depend on needs and age, from 50 years and older. Home Care Packages (HCP) will deliver more complex needs.


Residential Aged Care Homes

This aged care service is best for older people who can no longer live alone. If your loved one is not able to do everyday tasks, here is a health care that can help. It is also called nursing homes that can provide care all day.

Residential aged care services can be permanent or short-term with the help of government funds. The choice greatly depends on your level of needs. They deliver personal and clinical care, plus other accommodation services.

Short-Term Aged Care Services

Short-term care is more of a temporary care for older people’s wellbeing. After a moment of hospital stay, your loved one can go back home and have the independence to recover. This kind of service can be accessed anytime with different lengths of support.

First is the after-hospital care that will last for 12-weeks compared to restorative care for up to eight weeks. Short-term aged care may also last for only a few hours called respite care.

Privately-Funded Aged Care

A higher level of aged care service is not subsided by the government. This type is suitable for seniors who have no time to wait and are more capable to pay. Private aged care homes will require you to pay the full cost to enjoy their services.

Other than privately-funded aged care, you can opt for retirement home care. It is also a fee-paying care service with a unique level of facilities and accommodation services. It requires the signing of a contract to enjoy a high-end living situation even when you are old.


Applying for Government-Funded Aged Care Services

Getting access to government-funded aged care homes can be done on behalf of your seniors. It demands three simple steps to finally delight in aged care services.

The first is to apply for an online assessment for not more than 20 minutes. The staff will ask a few questions regarding your current situation to assess the level of support to be provided. It is the same form that contains aged care options.

Second, you will be asked to bring a Medicare card to complete the process. Be honest in sharing details as a representative of the senior.

Ensure you understand and follow the eligibility criteria effectively to fasten up the process. You can get more information here about the overall requirements and how you can qualify for this medical care service in no time.

And lastly, there will be a small talk about arranging a face-to-face assessment with who the assessor shall call in times of need. The application process will take time. Wait for the assessor to get back to you in three weeks for the final assessment.

Best-Recommended Aged Care Provider in Geelong

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