Helena Bonham Carter revealed that she had to go beyond the realm of the living to prepare herself to play the role of Princess Margaret on season 3 of The Crown. The actress contacted a psychic medium to connect with the late royal herself to get some useful tips about the role.

Bonham Carter took over from Vanessa Kirby in season 3 to play the part of Princess Margaret. She admits that she did a lot of homework to prepare herself for the role. But being able to connect with the spirit of Princess Margaret was the biggest help of all. The actress mentioned that apart from getting help for the part, she was also seeking the blessings of Princess Margaret. She says that the role felt more like a privilege and a responsibility than anything else to portray Princess Margaret as accurately as possible.

When Bonham Carter asked Princess Margaret if she was okay with her playing the role, the Princess remarked that Bonham Carter was at least better than the other actress who was considered for the part. The actress said that it was the remark which made her sure that she was speaking to Princess Margaret, as she had a habit of complimenting you while criticizing you at the same time.

Helena Bonham Carter said that she had met Princess Margaret before she passed away in 2001. The actress said that her uncle was very close to the Princess. That’s how she got the opportunity to meet her. Bonham Carter says that she was a bit scared during the meet. Princess Margaret had remarked that the actress was getting better, which was again her way of complimenting Bonham Carter.

Even though the Princess gave Bonham Carter the blessing to play the role, she also gave her a few instructions. She said that the actress would have to be better groomed and neater at all times to prepare for the role. The Princess also mentioned that the actress needs to get the smoking right. Princess Margaret smoked in a very distinct manner. In fact, she considered the cigarette holder to be more of a weapon of expression than a smoking accessory. The actress had mentioned that she took the advice, and it was possibly the most useful tip.

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